Debbie Darling

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Tamanawis Secondary School
126 66th Avenue
Surrey BC V3W 2A8

Principal: Margaux Molson
School Tel.: 604-597-5234
School Fax: 604-597-4450
School Email:
School Website:

Subjects and grades taught Chemistry for grades 11 and 12 Honours and Advanced Placement

Teaching Approach

Debbie Darling goes the distance and so do her students. Infusing science with creativity, Ms. Darling helps her students find their way to success. With hands on projects and a multitude of labs to practice their skills, students become motivated to read in advance and aware of their ethical responsibilities as budding scientists. Whether they are creating and analyzing titration curves using DataStudio, students will line up to thank Debbie Darling.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Ms. Darling took the initiative to introduce the first chemistry advanced placement course for her students. The program has expanded to include calculus and world history. All of Ms. Darling’s students score so well that they become eligible for their first-year credit and several have won hefty scholarships.
  • Ms. Darling led her students in the design of an experiment that won a contest sponsored by the Canadian Space Agency. One business partnership and a grant later, Ms. Darling managed to have all her students involved in the Space Shuttle Challenge to be flown to Florida to watch their experimental design get launched into space.

Rave Reviews

"By having Ms. Darling as a teacher and mentor throughout my high school career, I went from being another apathetic student with a C- average to a top-ranked university student."

Former student

"Debbie Darling is an exemplary educator who cares deeply for her students and is willing to do whatever is necessary to see her students succeed. She is the kind of teacher that I would want my own children to learn froM."

Vice Principal