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What do a group of teachers talk about when they get together?

Teaching. That's exactly what happened when we, the 1998-99 Certificate of Excellence recipients, all met in Ottawa last May. Once we got past the formalities - Where are you from? What do you teach? - we quickly got down to the bigger issues.

Some came up over and over again. Working with high-risk kids was a hot topic given recent events. We talked about the agonizing heartbreak that comes with seeing students drop out of school. But there was good news too. Some of us, as you'll see, have had real success helping high-risk students turn things around.

Another top-of-mind concern was technology, and it too has its ups and downs. There is a lot more technology in the classroom today than ever before, but many of us think it is not being used as well as it could be. Keep reading, though, and you'll find out about some of the great ideas we have for using technology effectively in the classroom.

For many of us, classroom walls are for leaping over or knocking down. We talked about programs that transcended and transformed school into something new - programs that integrate different subjects and bring the outside world into the classroom. We brandished photographs, videos and web pages to show the great things students are doing in today's classrooms.

The ins and outs of project-based learning engaged us too. We talked about enlisting students in the pursuit of a tangible goal so they can not only develop skills but also see what they can do with those skills - both inside and beyond the curriculum.

When it was time to go home we were still talking - about the rewards of helping students succeed and the challenges we face with each school year.

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